Maya Bay is still open. Access to the beach is not allowed.
Sleep on board our purpose built 90 foot boat in Maya Bay.
Sleep on the deck under the stars
Swim with the Phosphorescent Plankton
You have come a long way so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Maya Bay Tours supports the closure of the beach at Maya Bay in order for the recovery of coral reefs, mangrove forest and the general ecosystem.


Our planned itinerary still allows us to sleep overnight in Maya Bay but we do not have access to the beach.


To actually see the bay without any boats moored and not a single person or footprint in the sand is truly a sight to behold


If the weather conditions do not suit mooring in Maya Bay we have several other options that are just as beautiful including Loh Moo Dee beach, Plieh bay and Loh Sama bay or Monkey Beach.


Each of these locations has an abundance of sparkling bioluminescent plankton so you will get to experience the psychedelic underwater show.


Wherever we end up we promise you will have the experience of a life time.





  • Check onto our Phi Phi Don office between 2:30 and 2:45 pm (detailed map on contacts page of this website)


  • Show your voucher on your phone/tablet or print out and store any large luggage for free and pack a smaller bag with things you will need for our trip; swimwear, towel, mosquito spray, camera and of course, your abundant sense of adventure!


  • We will all walk to the pier at 2:50 pm for a 3:00 pm departure  as  we set sail on our Phi Phi adventure!


  • Our first stop is Viking Caves for a photo and then onto the stunning Pileh bay for snorkeling and kayaking. We can usually spot some harmless black tipped reef sharks if you are quiet enough.


  • After a snack fresh fruit we then head to Maya Bay for our mooring spot for the night As we arrive the day trippers will be leaving and we will be left with our own paradise so you are free to snorkel, relax and kayak whilst the sun goes down.


  • Around 6:30 pm it’s time for a delicious all you can eat Thai feast. Special diets are catered for with individual meals

  • After your meal has settled, put on your life jacket, masks and snorkels and swim with the glowing plankton. Submerge your head in the sea, agitate the water to make the plankton glow to experience a liquid starry night and a truly magical kaleidoscopic light show


  • After you have dried off we then head back to our own private beach and the party kicks off! We listen to music, play games giving you time connect with your fellow travelers and have a blast. Everyone gets a free bucket (the local drinking habit consisting of either vodka or Thai rum) For those who enjoy a drink, there is a bar with alcoholic drinks for sale 100 THB for a beer and 250 THB for rum or vodka buckets


  • Around 10:00 pm a tasty chicken barbecue is served and the fun continues


  • Around 11:00 pm we head back to the boat. For those who wish to socialize, we keep the lower deck free for music and the bar. The top floor is for those that want to relax, take in the tranquil beauty star gazing or go to bed early


  • When you are ready, sleeping bags, pillows and mattresses are provided. You are free to choose your sleeping spot. If it’s raining you can move inside the boat. There are no individual cabins. Sleeping is dorm style on the deck of our boat. A good nights sleep is pretty much unattainable as you wont be used to sleeping on the deck of a boat. Most of our customers agree this more than compensated by the experiences and unique surroundings.


  • Our crew will wake you bright and early the next morning for another trip back to the beach for free time and our traditional group jump shot (so bring your camera)

  • Breakfast is served back on the boat which consists of coffee, tea, eggs and toast.


  • After breakfast it is time to visit Monkey Beach for more snorkeling, kayaking and if you dare a beach session. Watch out for the monkeys!!!


  • 10 am we arrive back at Phi Phi Don and while most people are tired the majority just can’t stop smiling and raving about their night


Please note that we may need to change the itinerary depending in wind and wave direction. We have many stunning options we can choose from to make sure you are not disappointed but please remember we are in the hands of mother nature.

Whats Included?

  • Overnight accommodation

  • National Park Fees

  • Snorkels and Masks

  • Kayaking

  • All you can eat buffet dinner, BBQ and breakfast

  • Water and soft drinks

  • Mattress, pillow and sleeping bags

  • 1 Free Bucket (Thai drinking habit rum or vodka mixer)

  • Luggage Storage

What to bring?

  • Swimming costumes and towel

  • Mosquito Spray

  • Money for alcoholic drinks (Beers 80 baht . Glass of  vodka/rum and mixers 100 baht)

  • Your sense of humour and adventurous spirit